Mid-North Coast: Welcome to Gumbaynggirr country [video]

Michael Jarrett (Gumbaynggirr, Nambucca Heads) does a traditional welcome
Cultural Narrative: 

Giinagay ngujawiny?

Hello everyone


ngaya yaam Michael

my name is Michael



its good to see you all

Darruy ngujalnya nyaagaygu



welcome to Gumbaynggirr homeland

Darruyay yilaaming Gumbaynggida jagunda


I’m going to do a traditional welcome


I’m going to ask the land to welcome us



Yuuway Ngaya yaam gunganbu 

hello im a friend and I belong


garlaway bari nyaagaygu

ive come back to see you


gala wunaa ngalgirra

but don’t harm us


yaamagay nganyundi barrmarrmany

this is my family


yaamagay nganyundi gunganbu

and this is my friends


yaam nganyundi wajaarr

this is my land


yaam nginundi wajaarr

this is your land


Ngiiabarr gunganbuwala

therefore let’s be friends