Mid-North Coast: Nambucca River creation story [video]

Michael Jarrett (Gumbaynggirr) shares his knowledge about Dhanggati, Ngambaa, Ngaku and Gumbaynggirr countries



Cultural Narrative: 

My river is beautiful Nambucca river beautiful yes

My... Nambucca River is very beautiful.

Nganyundi Baga baga bindarray nyirrnaawunba

Nambucca River. Baga baga bindarray

Gumbaynggirr on the side of the river.

Out there where that mountain is...

See that? Looks like a ...

that's called Sugarloaf Mountain.

- Out there are people called Dhungutti.

Dhungutti. And across the river here

are people called Ngambaa.

Yeah, and they are a sub-group

of the Dhungutti people.

And down there is Ngagu. Ngagu.

And they're all a part of the larger

language group for Dhungutti.

The Nambucca River has got a bend

in the Nambucca River

and it was created in the Dreamtime

by a giant Ngambaa man who lived

on the other side of the river there.

baga-baga, in my language, is knee.

We knew them really well in the south

but the people from the north come down

and got scared

and speared one of the Ngambaa people

and the Ngambaa man fell

and his knee made the bend in the river

and all his other body, parts of his

body, made the other parts of the earth.


But that part there, he made the bend

in the river with his knee,

the giant Ngambaa man.

And we call it baga-baga.

Baga-baga is the name of our clan

in Nambucca Heads

and it was made by

the giant Ngambaa man.

Down here, down the mouth of the river,

it was called Nyambaga.

Nyambaa baga.

But they changed it to Nambucca.

That's where Nambucca comes from,

is Nyambaga.

And now we change it back to Nyambaga.

It was Nyambaga,

then it was Nambucca.

Now we're going to change it back

to Nyambaga again.

darruywunba! Thank you!