Central Western Plains: Acknowledgement of country: Warrumbungles [video]

Auntie Maureen Sulter (Gamilaraay, Coonabarabran) in Warrumbungle National Park
Cultural Narrative: 

Yaama, everyone. Yaama means hello in the Gamilaraay language.

Hi, I'm Aunty Maureen Sulter and I am a Gamilaraay Elder.

I welcome you to this beautiful place … that is our gathering place. It's a gathering place for three tribal groups - the Wiradjuri, Wayilwan and the Gamilaraay people. They did all of their ceremonial, cultural things that they had to do here. And they met here.  It was such a special place for each and every one of them.

That name, Warrumbungles, as well, I'll tell you, that is a Gamilaraay name, and it means crooked mountain. The Warrumbungle Mountains and the Western Plains areas are all interconnected. And this is a beautiful thing that we can move forward and just share all of these languages and the culture with all of our Aboriginal people.

I would like to say yalu to you all. Yalu means goodbye in the Gamilaraay language.