Fish and sharks

Fish and sharks from the Clyde River, NSW.

Original title '16. [Fish and sharks] -- pencil, 14 x 24.2 cm; inscribed on reverse of backing paper now removed: Drawn by "Mickie" An old crippled blackfellow of Nelligen, Clyde River, N.S.W. 1875'. 

Tommy McRae drawings probably purchased from H. E. Gatliff in 1913 as his note of 11 October 1913 bound in fasicule (kept in PXA 364 vol.1) refers to 8 drawings by McRae; it is possible that when the sketchbook was bound into boards by the Library in 1918 the Mickey of Ulladulla sketches were added.

Library cover (bound 1918) for original sketchbook which is inscribed inside front cover "M[ary?] Gatliff. Coburg November 9th 1886.
Fascicle containing newspaper and magazine clippings about Tommy McRae: a letter from K. Lanlogh Parker (Catherine Eliza Somerville Stow) to Mr A. G. Stephens, undated, about McRae: a letter from Bertram Stevens to Harold Wright, dated 13 February 1913, introducing Mr H. E. Gatliff who was selling 8 drawings by Tommy McRae now in this volume: a note signed by H. Ernest Gatliff, dated 11 October 1913, describing Tommy McCrae.

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fish, shark
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Out of copyright: Creator died before 1955. (Applies to drawings nos. 1 - 17). Please acknowledge: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales.
'Drawings by Tommy McRae and Mickey of Ulladulla, ca. 1860s-1901' collection.