Aboriginal people of Australia

Aboriginal people of Australia, painted in the 1890s and attributed to H.M.L. Atcherley.

Original title: 'Natives of Australia, ca. 1890s / attributed to H.M.L. Atcherley'.

Henry Mount Langton Atcherley was a Colour Sergeant in the Waikato Militia 1st Regiment from 1863–1866, and then served with the Opotiki Volunteer Rangers as Sergeant from 1869-1870.

In 1877 he exhibited with the Auckland Society of Arts. He exhibited with the Canterbury Society of Arts from 1881 and the NZ Academy of Fine Arts 1895-1899.

Atcherley usually painted Maori subjects. In 1898 he exhibited a watercolour with Auckland Society of Arts showing a New South Wales subject suggesting he had possibly been in Australia prior to this date.

The full catalogue record is online at http://archival.sl.nsw.gov.au/Details/archive/110342203.

Original Date Description: 
ca. 1890s
Out of copyright: Artist died before 1955.
'Natives of Australia, ca. 1890s / attributed to H.M.L. Atcherley' collection.
FL576115; FL576117